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NATA accredited Yukawa Lab

Yukawa Lab is one of Australia’s and Asia’s largest testing facilities for Australian, Pacific and Asian high-end appliance testing. It is NATA accredited and AS ISO/IEC 17025 and AS/NZS ISO 9001 certified, ensuring the facilities are independently audited and international best practices are followed.

The name YUKAWA is derived from Professor Hideki Yukawa, who was a Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese Nobel laureate for his prediction of the
pi-meson or pion.

​​​​​​​The laboratory is equipped with a twin 120kW dual chamber Enthalpy Test room which is the largest in Victoria and second largest in Australia, allowing testing for high capacity equipment. Yukawa laboratory expert staff and facilities are available to manufacturers, importers, exporters and authorities for testing the following equipment:

  • Ducted Split / Packaged Air Conditioners for MEPS capacities, performance and seasonal star rating
  • Geo-thermal / Water Cooled Air Conditioners / Chillers
  • Heat Pump Water heater units for performance rating
  • Evaporative Air Conditioners
  • Solar Collectors
  • Gas/Electric Hot Water Storage Tanks for heat loss MEPS
  • Gas Ducted Space Heaters for MEPS capacities performance

Please refer to this link for a full list of accredited test standards.

Our Services

Compliance testing is conducted to assist an appliance to meet:

  • Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
  • Energy Star Rating scheme (ESR).
  • Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS)
  • In Australia, GEMS WELS Registers: YUKAWA LAB can help Australian manufacturers register their appliances with the GEMS Regulators, upon successful completion of testing under the Energy Star Rating schemes.
  • In New Zealand – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA): YUKAWA LAB can help New Zealand based manufacturers register their appliances with the Energy Efficiency & Conversion Authority (EECA), upon successful completion of testing under the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations.

MEPS and Energy Labelling:

  • Yukawa Lab can test the following products that must meet Energy Labelling requirements prior to entering the Australian market:
    – Air-conditioners
    – Electric Water Heaters
    – Swimming pool pump units
  • Yukawa Lab can test the following products which must meet the MEPS requirements:
    – Single phase air-conditioners (air enthalpy method)
    – Three phase air-conditioners (air enthalpy method)
    – Closed control air-conditioners (air enthalpy method)
    – Electric Hot Water Heaters
  • Yukawa Lab offers guidance in the preparation of due diligence compliance folders, for risk management and routine quality assurance, when only a voluntary scheme exists to ensure product safety. This is strongly recommended by the ACCC
  • Yukawa Lab can perform other performance testing types, including but not limited to:
    – Understanding the effect of manufacturing tolerances,
    – Screen Testing,
    – Adding independent value to performance claims,
    – Providing design assistance for new technology ideas and comparative purposes.
  • Yukawa Lab provides eligibility and performance testing for STC entitlements to ensure Solar Water Heaters and Heat Pump Water Heaters meet the requirements under the Clean Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission.

Research & Development

  • Yukawa Lab can support manufacturers with R&D projects who are seeking to improve the performance and safety of their appliances before entering the Australian or New Zealand markets.

Our Process






Products we test

Climate laboratory


Air conditioners and heat pumps are two types of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, refers to the technology used to control the temperature of a building


A type of air conditioning system that uses the natural process of evaporation to cool indoor spaces.


Hot water storage tanks are used to store and heat domestic hot water in residential and commercial buildings.


An electric heat pump is a heating and cooling system that uses electricity to transfer heat.


Larger scale water cooling or heating appliances.


Continuous flow water refers to a constant and uninterrupted supply of water.


A pool pump is an essential component of a swimming pool’s circulation system.


Gas ducted heating is a space heating system that uses Natural Gas or LPG.


Do you have a product you’d like to have tested that isn’t on this list? Contact us to find out if it qualifies.

The lab is aimed to test a wide range of appliances of varying capacities and testing requirements and accordingly the lab operation and controls are designed to meet this strictly. Each test chamber will be able to achieve and maintain the specific room ambient conditions and able to comply with various national and international test standards, including Seasonal performance rating tests. The facility offers consumers the reassurance of knowing that their appliances will perform correctly as rated and reliably.

The Yukawa Lab is situated at 82-88 Mills Road Braeside, Victoria 3195

Please get in contact with the Yukawa Lab by calling (03) 8569 7726 or emailing [email protected] and provide information on your testing requirements and equipment. We will endeavour to contact you to discuss your requirements and further steps

We test; Air conditioners, heat pumps, hot water storage tanks, gas water storage tanks, gas space heaters, swimming pool testing for GEMS registration.

We generally have the test chamber, instrumentation, equipment, and expertise to test a wide variety of appliances under various conditions. Please refer to “Our Services’ for a list of typical products we test. If you are unable to find a specific product or a specific test standard please contact us to enquire.

After an initial assessment of your requirements and test appliance specification, we will provide you with a written quotation and proposed timeline.

Once testing has been scheduled, your equipment can be securely shipped via post or courier to 82/88 Mills Rd, Braeside VIC 3195 with clear attention marked to Yukawa Laboratory.

Yukawa Lab is confident in its testing abilities. We strive to ensure that the customers needs are met. During the testing process, we will be in frequent contact to update you along the way. If testing is deemed too difficult or we do not have the capacity to perform certain tests we will let you know.

 The lab will be in constant touch with clients throughout the process. Should the product fail during testing, we will immediately update our clients.

For safety reasons we are unable to allow visitors into the lab during testing. Arrangements can be made for clients on special occasions, with prior discussions/ approval. Frequent updates and communication will be sent to clients on the progress of the assessment.

You can read more information of our compliance testing here:


We can offer generic advice on R&D projects to improve the performance and safety of appliances before entering the Australian or New Zealand markets.

Test samples will be returned to client after full testing is completed and reports issued. Upon client’s request and mutual agreement, we can organise to scrap the failed/damaged units (as per local regulations).

The Yukawa Lab will discuss invoicing and payment terms during the quotation process.

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